50 ChatGPT prompts that will grow your business and save you hours of work

50 ChatGPT prompts that will grow your business and save you hours of work

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1. Create a Social Media Content Plan

Prompt: "For my [product/service] targeting [my target audience] on [my social media platform], create a 1-month social media content plan using the 5-3-2 Rule."

2. Grow Your Twitter Account with Creative Tweet Responses

Prompt: "Give me 20 [funny, authoritative, thoughtful] responses for the following tweet: [Copy paste tweet]."

3. Optimize Your Landing Page

Prompt: "Use the 5Cs framework to guide me through optimizing my landing page."

4. Craft a Stunning Infographic

Prompt: "Follow the VISUAL framework to create a guideline that will help me design an infographic for my [product/service]."

5. Choose the Ideal Social Media Scheduling Tool

Prompt: "Compare the top 5 social media scheduling tools and output the results in a table with columns: name, price, features, supported platforms, pros, cons."

6. Craft a YouTube Video Script

Prompt: "Write a Youtube video script using the ABT framework for my [product/service] about the following [topic]."

7. Build a Captivating Brand Story

Prompt: "Help me create a powerful brand story for my [product/service] using the Hero's Journey framework."

8. Build Addictive Campaigns Using the Hooked Model

Prompt: "Use Nir Eyal's Hooked Model to craft a detailed marketing campaign for our [product/service]."

9. Boost Organic Traffic through SEO Optimization

Prompt: "Provide a step-by-step guide to optimize my website's SEO for [target keywords]."

10. Master Lean Startup Marketing

Prompt: "Design a Lean Startup based marketing campaign for our [product/service] targeting [ideal customer persona]. Use the concepts of rapid experimentation, iteration, assumption validation and customer feedback for shaping a strategy."

11. Generate Eye-Catching Headlines

Prompt: "Create [#] headlines about {Insert Topic}. The headlines should be eye-catching, punchy, and memorable."

12. Create a Long-Form Blog Post

Prompt: "Write an outline for a long-form blog post about [Insert Topic]."

13. Unleash Continuous Growth with a Growth Flywheel Campaign

Prompt: "Craft a Growth Flywheel marketing campaign for our [product/service], covering customer acquisition, retention, engagement & insights. Detail tactics & metrics to measure success in this continuous growth loop."

14. Create a Marketing Plan with Allan Dib's 1-Page Plan

Prompt: "Craft a marketing plan in the style of Allan Dib's 1-Page Marketing Plan for our [product/service]."

15. Create a Winning Email Campaign

Prompt: "Assist me in creating an email marketing campaign for my [product/service] using the Customer Value Journey framework."

16. Skyrocket Success with the AARRR Framework

Prompt: "Craft a detailed marketing campaign for our [product/service] using the AARRR framework."

17. Create your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Prompt: "For my [product/service], create a guideline for my influencer marketing strategy, using the 4Cs of Influencer Marketing (Content, Credibility, Clout, Cost-effectiveness)."

18. Create a Product Launch Strategy

Prompt: "[Insert a brief description of your product and target audience]. Guide me through developing a product launch strategy using the Product Launch Formula to generate interest and sales."

19. Accelerate Growth with Sean Ellis' Growth Hacking Plan

Prompt: "Use Sean Ellis' Growth Hacking framework outlining a step-by-step plan for finding, testing, and growing opportunities for our [product/service]."

20. Make an Impression with a 30-Second Elevator Pitch

Prompt: "Based on [insert your mission and niche], help me craft a 30-second elevator pitch for [product, service, or personal brand]."

21. Understand Your Product

Prompt: "Using the value proposition framework, detail how the top 5 features of our product benefit the user. [Enter product details]"

22. Know Your Audience

Prompt: "What are the most common objections or concerns raised by our target customers and how would you address them? [Enter product details]"

23. Practice Handling Objections

Prompt: "Role-play a scenario where a customer objects our product due to high price. You will act as the customer, I am the sales agent. Grade each response and tell me how I can do better. [Enter product details]"

24. Build Relationships

Prompt: "Create a learning path for me to build better relationships with my clients."

25. Listening Skills

Prompt: "Create a 1-week course for me to improve my listening skills. Incorporate well-known frameworks."

26. Ask Insightful Questions

Prompt: "Provide 5 insightful questions you would ask during a sales discovery call. [Enter product details]"

27. Hone Your Presentation Skills

Prompt: "Prepare a five-minute pitch for our product, using the AIDA framework. [Enter product details]"

28. Following Up

Prompt: "Outline the main components of a high-converting follow-up email after a sales call."

29. Get ChatGPT to write prompts for you.

Prompt: "You are a ChatGPT prompt generator. Generate 10 unique prompts that will help me get [job or task] done.

30. Generate unique business ideas.

Prompt: "For the following [industry], output the top 10 pain points, 5 solutions to each pain point and 3 unique business ideas for each solution."

31. Extract frameworks from business books

Prompt: "Distill the framework and most important lessons from {Business Book Title} into a comprehensive, but digestible summary."

32. Craft personalised cold emails

Prompt: "Compose a personalized cold email for a potential client in the [industry] that highlights [our unique value proposition]."

33. Format your text to tables.

Prompt: “From the list pasted below, create a table with the following columns: [Name, Category, and Description]. Then let me export the table as CSV. [Paste list of items]”

34. Tap into your inner creativity.

Prompt: "Introduce me to creative exercises and techniques that will help me tap into my inner creativity and generate fresh ideas in [insert specific context]."

35. Change the tone of your text

Prompt: "Change the tone of the text below to be more [Direct, Formal, Informal, Sincere, Sarcastic, Friendly, Assertive, Persuasive, Passionate, Professional, Casual Serious, Lighthearted, Conversational, Serious]: [Paste text]"

36. Improve your memory recall.

Prompt: "I am learning about [insert topic]. Provide me with a list of mnemonic devices or memory techniques to help me remember and recall important information related to this topic."

37. Summarize text in bullet points

Prompt: "Summarize this article into a bulleted list of the most important information: [paste article]"

38. Get help brainstorming for any topic

Prompt: "Brainstorm 20 unique ideas for the following [topic]"

39. Write cover letters that get you hired

"Create a compelling cover letter for the position of [job title] at [company name], showcasing my relevant experience and enthusiasm for the role. [Inser relevant experience]"

40. Innovate and upgrade your product or service

Prompt: "Employing the Jobs-to-be-Done framework, assist me in recognizing areas for enhancement in my [product or service]."

41. Enhance problem-solving abilities

Prompt: "Share a step-by-step systematic approach for solving [specific problem or challenge]."

42. Polish your writing

Prompt: "Proofread the below text for spelling and grammar. Make the sentences clear and precise: [Paste Your Writing]"

43. Craft an impactful sales script

Prompt: "[Give a brief description of your product or service]. Utilizing the Sandler Selling System, aid me in developing a persuasive sales script for my offering."

44. Shatter writer's block.

Prompt: "Turn the following bullet points into a paragraph of text. Use the following [tone] and mimic the writing style of [insert your favourite author]."

45. Create a successful email marketing campaign

Prompt: "[Provide a brief description of your target audience and product or service]. Guide me in developing an email marketing campaign based on the Customer Value Journey framework."

46. Learn overly complicated topics faster.

Prompt: "Explain [complex topic] like I'm 12 years old."

47. Execute a winning product launch strategy

Prompt: "[Provide a brief description of your product and target audience]. Assist me in creating a product launch strategy employing the Product Launch Formula to generate excitement and sales."

48. Talk to your business idols

Prompt: "From here on, you will act as [Elon Musk]. I will ask you a series of questions and you must reply like [Elon Musk] would.

49. Tackle problems by pinpointing root causes

Prompt: "Guide me in applying the Five Whys technique to identify the root cause of a [specific problem or situation]."

50. Forge a captivating brand narrative

Prompt: "[Provide a business or personal brand description]. Help me craft a compelling brand narrative for my brand using the Hero's Journey framework."